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Getting Started with PSEEdit


To get started visit and choose from a variety of different coaches that fit the style you would like to portray, whether it  be offense, defense, balanced, or a coach with better development to help make your young players stars, the choice is yours. You can then sign a contract, create plays, practice your plays, customize your game plan, set up your depth charts, and more.

You are allowed one account. You shall not create more than one account for use at one time. Only Empire Club members shall have more than one active coach per game. If you are caught having more than one account then your coaches will be Deleted.

PSE Wiki HelpEdit

For info on how to do anything on PSE Wiki please refer to the PSE Wiki Help page, or you can also watch videos on the PSE YouTube page.

For more inquiries please contact your administrators, Darren Beard, Monjai, and or Ragnar.

If you are having trouble finding the help page you need please try the search tool in the menu on the left of the page.

If you are still lost after reading the PSE Wikia and would like to join a team in the ECAA or EFL you can join the PSE Mentor program by applying for help in this forum, PSE Mentors.

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