Here is a list of known past and present major bugs and exploits.

  1. Option Pass - Any pass using the option command is an exploit and is not to be used.
  2. The Molina (exploit - early Alpha - fixed) - The molina exploit is one of the most famous game exploits. It was caused by creating routes for receivers which first went backwards then streaked down field, leaving the defenders 5 yards behind them. The name comes from a WR in the Alpha named Richard Molina who broke every receiving record and won 3 Beermonkey Trophies using the exploit.
  3. Bunch Pass (exploit - recent Beta - fixed) - This exploit was a very widely used exploit that was used for several seasons by many teams in Beta. It is not certain when this exploit was first discovered in beta, but it became a widely known exploit. It worked by having three receivers (from shotgun, ace, or empty) run together in a "bunch" with one receiver in front. Then, have the QB throw to the furthest receiver. Then, one of the closer receivers will make a "circus catch" despite any amount of players covering him. This became a famous buzz word in the forums and was the spark of many debates. It was eventually fixed and the bunch is effectively useless
  4. Flea Flicker exploit (Alpha - fixed; Beta- broken) - Flea flicker plays were unstoppable for a season in Alpha. When the QB would pitch to his RB the entire defense would leave their man to chase the RB. If the RB had a decent arm that would result in easy TD's.
  5. Quick Pass exploit (Beta - fixed) - The quick pass exploit was performed by having your qb immediately throw the ball without making checks. Most often thrown to TE's or slot receivers running slant routes. This would result in exremely high percentage of completed passes, even into heavy coverage. This exploit was around in some form for at least 3 seasons.